The Go Urban Companies team is a financial services firm with senior leadership bringing more than 70 years of collective experience in banking, lending, and asset resolution. We provide a unique solution for investors and debt management companies looking for business development expertise and creative deployment opportunities with high yield returns.


Our Team is able to leverage an expansive network of existing business relationships in the banking industry and a deep understanding of finance and lending to maximize asset deployment opportunities and returns. We have direct access to consumer and commercial loans in a variety of sectors and can source the types of earning assets that match your investment strategy. Our strategic advantage lies in our ability to identify various small-scale distressed assets and aggregate them into single deals that meet or exceed minimum investment requirements. With corporate locations in Florida, Georgia, and Colorado, the geographic diversity of our team also offers unique insights into the market variables of local regions across the U.S.

Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients that add value as they develop and execute corporate investment strategies. We do this by offering services back by expertise in:

  • Business
  • Strategic
  • Research &
  • Negotiation
  • Financial


Our success is measured by yours. The Go Urban Companies team is ready to help you get results through:

  • Access to untapped consumer asset classesThe depth of our network allows us research and identify strategic opportunities that may go unnoticed because of size, type, or location.
  • Asset aggregationWe are experts at analyzing and structuring deals and can consolidate smaller individual assets into larger aggregated pools so you can deploy significant capital in one transaction.
  • Portfolio diversificationWe have experience in a wide range of consumer asset classes including automobile, manufactured homes, real estate, and consumer loans so we can help you expand your portfolio to offset dependence on any one asset class or market.
  • High-yield returnsBy aggregating existing assets into new standalone deals that collectively fit your criteria, we effectively eliminate competition which paves the way for higher rates of return.


For more information about how The Go Urban Companies Team can help you advance your investment strategies and capital deployment, please contact Russell Bryant below or at 720-295-0338720-295-0338.

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